For all the memorials, friends, admirers, interested parties, visitors, users, proud Czechs and wholehearted supporters of the brand who choose to be part of our efforts, who want to contribute to the improvement of the BPS website, contribute and support the project with a financial contribution (donation) intended for our further development and dissemination of information, we have prepared a thematic thanks in the form of a newly published book Porcelain Baron Haas and a palm-sized porcelain miniature in the form of limited crosses with the bottom mark in the variant "S" 1792. The themed thank you applies to all donations over 100 €.

Account number for transfer: 4171772003 Bank code: 5500

Recipient: Future Original Glass s.r.o.

When sending, please include your name or phone number and the information that it is a donation or contribution in the message to the recipient for resolution purposes.

Unified Variable symbol (VS): 2020137223, please always indicate! Thank you.

The project and its further development are supported by: CEWE FOG Porzellanikon